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Born on Wednesday 8th March 1989, the 5th of 5 kids, the family of Agunbiade welcomed a bouncing baby girl in the city of Lagos. They named their Princess Simisola (meaning Rest in Wealth).
Growing up in a close-knit family with 2 elder brother & sisters, she’d follow their footsteps in many ways.
Had her Primary school at Queensland Academy and later moved to Abeokuta for her Secondary School Education at OTISS – (Oyewole Twins International secondary School) and at the age of 15, got into Bowen University Iwo for Bachelor’s degree in Economics.
A Certified Information Systems Auditor, Princess Simysola spent her NYSC working with one of Nigeria’s New Generation Bank as a System Control Officer.


Self-Esteem Coach
Princess Simysola as fondly called, has a strong passion for issues concerning low self-esteem, and believes that there is limitless power inside each one of us only if we could believe it.
Using her personal story as a case study, Princess Simysola shares her story and strategies with teenagers and young adults, enlightening and educating them on issues of Low Self-esteem.
Continually learning & broaden her scope of knowledge on Self-Esteem Issues, Princess Simysola has received coaching training from World-class institutions & from her wealth of knowledge & experience is becoming a fast rising and dynamic speaker & Coach and hopes impact the World with her message of Self-esteem.

Due to her love for writing, Princess Simysola has channeled her message through the means that come so naturally to her,
She manages a blogs where she shares about her experiences, struggles & triumphs
She is also the editor of SimRoyalE Letter, a Teen magazine focused on issues of Self-esteem. is a quarterly mini-magazine founded in September 2012. The mini-magazine is targeted mainly at teenagers & youths, addressing issues focused on Self-esteem.
The vision to be the wholesome magazine for the 21st century teenager by continually developing magazine content that comprises of inspiring, educative & entertaining articles from varying contributors, from Teen issues, career talk, sex-education, money talk, relationship advice


Girl Advocate
Princess Simysola is the co-founder of L.A.C.E, (acronym for “Ladies after Christ’s Example”), a Faith-based initiative set up to empower and enlighten young women who being aware of their essence, take their place as pace setters in their generation; maturing ladies who would be aware of their worth and essence, ultimately affecting our community and Nigeria as a whole
LACE is a Fun Club that aims at helping teenage girls to maximize their God-given purpose.
We do this by reviving, renewing and rejuvenating the spirit, mind and body of young women through informal gatherings/meetings/outings.
 Revive their spirit through lessons from the Word on various issues such as Purpose, love, forgiveness, relationships, sex, and attitude.
 Renew their mind by discussing and sharing experiences; lessons from educative movies as well as inspirational speakers.
 Rejuvenate their body though practical and fun physical workshops and trainings.
We strongly believe that it is better to build girls than repair women.
LACE was founded in February 2013 by Funto Oni & Princess Simysola.


The Volunteer;
“Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.’
“You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.’

Princess Simysola believes so passionately in volunteering as it has great rewards, this she has proved many times with organizations & events.
Some of which include;
Awesome Treasure Foundation; Awesome Treasures Foundation is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization which identifies, develops and deploys change agents to positively affect Nigeria in line with the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) declared by the United Nations. http://www.awesome treasuresfoundation.org
GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation; GEMSTONE Nation Builders Network is designed to identify, attract, empower, equip, motivate and mentor “Nation Builders” with a passion and commitment to enable them succeed in their Nation-Building efforts and programs. http://www.gemstoneng.org
Live Your Dreams Africa; Events aimed at helping individuals live their lives to their full potential and inspiring hope to people’s dreams; http://www.liveyourdreamsafrica.com

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